Shadowrun: Crossfire

Shadowrun Crossfire

  • Fun factor –  7/10
  • Replay value – 3/10
  • Components – 6/10
  • Learning Curve – 7/10

 Fun Factor:  So to start I am going to say that my group isn’t a storytelling group really at all. We don’t read the fluff blurbs on cards we just add up the math and try to win when playing games. So this game was a fair amount of fun, I am a big shadowrun fan and this felt like shadowrun for the most part. However, because my group doesn’t do the storytelling part I do feel like there is something about this game that we missed out on. My score reflects my personal time with the game but I do think that if your group really gets into explaining how every card matches the last and enjoys role playing your character while in a board game, that this would be even better for you.

My biggest issue with the gameplay for this game is that there is a large luck factor happening when you play. We played a match where we started part 2 of the mission and every single bad guy did 2 damage and had 5+ levels of damage to get through. We quickly found that we were not even going to be able to escape the mission at all and simply had to restart. You may have noticed in my previous reviews that I don’t tend to enjoy large random elements too much. It wasn’t horrible here but it does hurt.  

Replay Value: This game has quite a few options for each playthrough of a mission. There are plenty of different cards to choose from for the deck building and many different challenges that can happen during a playthrough. Sadly the game box only comes with 3 missions, I find this to be very lacking personally. I don’t think that in a storytelling sort of game that 3 missions is nearly enough. Saying that I can redo those missions and every time it will play a little different isn’t really enough for me.  For me this heavily drops the games value in total.

Components: Everything in this game is well made. The box easily fits everything and while I would love if the game had come with a better way of storing the cards, maybe tuckboxes or some such, the box is at least large enough to support any sort of organizing you may wish to do. The cards look and feel just fine to me. I do need to mention the “legacy” style of this game, there are stickers and they are not removable. These will permanently alter the game as you use them. However, the game comes with some many different “race” cards (these are the ones marked by the stickers) that I do not think it will ever be a problem at all. I actually think it’s quite fun to put a sticker on there and know that you have permanently altered a character.   

Learning Curve: This game takes no time at all to learn. Each turn is pretty simple and the things that happen are very clear. I have no complaints here at all.

Verdict: I really enjoyed playing this game, however I simply cannot recommend it at this point. It just does not have enough replay value, going through the game mission over and over in a story driven game is not very fun no matter how many different cards there are. This game needed to at minimum double the amount of mission cards that came with the game. When more missions are available, I would highly recommend playing it.

As a final note: sorry for the delay in getting this out there. Had a busy week with PAX and didn’t have time. I should be back on track now. 



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